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What is a flavour?

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But what is really a flavour? If we look at the products we buy, among  the ingredients on the label we can notice the word “flavours”, that is the category of substances that give a particularly good taste to the food we are buying Now I will explain why! Most people believe that flavours are [...]


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The chocolate …the food of the gods! Chocolate is obtained from the seeds of Teobroma cacao plant, which can give people food- humor thanks to the release of endorphins. In the past chocolate could only delight the kings, the nobles and the warriors who enjoyed it with every senses. Dark chocolate, therefore, is one of [...]


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The pomegranate is a miraculous plant, so appreciated for its virtues that it was used as a symbol on city coats of arms, ritual clothes, in paintings, sculptures and in medicine. Symbol par excellence of fertility, love and friendship that characterized many stories of the ancient world of gods and heroes. All of its parts [...]


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Limoncello is a sweet liqueur, obtained by macerating lemon peels in ethyl alcohol later mixed with a syrup of water and sugar. It is typical of the Campania region because of the lemons of Sorrento, from which this product is said to have originated, it was born in the early 1900s in a small pension [...]


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Coriander, for whom doesn’ t know, is a plant native of Mediterranean Sea countries, belongs to the family of Ombrellifers. Has a very thin root and alternate leaves from which can sprout white or pink flowers and fruits, with a sweet taste, that can be used in the kitchen. It is also known as "Chinese [...]


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Anise is a set of plants that do not even share a botanical point of view. There is therefore no plant that can be called by this name. There are several varieties whose seeds and fruits have the same aromatic note and are dried or pounded for different uses. TYPES and CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ANISE [...]

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