“You can never achieve real success unless you love what you’re doing.”

(Dale Carnegie)

Founded in 1993, Flavourland has established itself through passion, creativity and innovation in the world of SWEET and SALTY aromas.
The activity of Flavourland is based on this simple identity.

It is the bond between two realities equally important for Flavourland and apparently contradictory:

‘own specialized personnel’, with the professionalism and passion on one side and customers, with the most disparate technical demands to which we give life.

A journey, a world of Flavourland that, starting from the five senses, produces a product that does not neglect any of the aspects for which it has been studied: novelty, particularity in the choice of taste on the one hand;
scrupulous observance of regulations, directives and anything else that must be applied to the world of flavourings, on the other hand.

All this is made feasible thanks to the contribution of all people, including management and consultants, who work in Flavourland and are the beating heart of it as well as the mind.

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