“In a service or product Quality is not what you put in it but what the customer gets out of it”

(Peter Drucker)

We thought we’d call this:


aromi flavourland
aromi flavourland

Here is the latest investment  for research and development

Flavourland does not stop!

Investing in equipment and above all in people is the best that can be of benefit to a company that is growing

When curiosity and intuition are applied with a systematic approach.
to answer questions such as: how does it work? how could it be improved? What is the characterizing taste?

by making treasure of the experiences and the knowledge already acquired, you are surely doing …


Flavourland, which chooses to dedicate its objective to research, makes the study its purpose and finalizes all activities to the acquisition of new knowledge.
Here is the heart from which the creation starts, the development of old and new flavors.

Beyond appearances

The ultimate goal of Flavourland’s continuous investments lies in the desire to modernize and search for new ideas for its employees and, last but not least, to satisfy new customers.

Since 1993 Flavourland has been producing flavorings for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Develops natural and non-natural flavours, flavours in liquid and powder form, spray dried and emulsions.
Flavor suitable for Kosher, Halal, vegetarian and vegan nutrition.
Furthermore flavours for organic foods, allergen-free, GMO free and possibly without palm oil.

To complete the range, Flavourland produces or supplies semi-finished products, functional mixtures, masking and dyes.

Flavours developed by Flavourland’ s R&D are designed according to the needs and desires of the client.
In close collaboration we offer the possibility of working on their bases/products, in order to guarantee the best results.

These images represent the beating heart of Flavourland without forgetting that, behind this, there are other “splendid people” with a great will to collaborate in all this.

aromi flavourland
aromi flavourland
aromi flavourland
aromi flavourland

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