But what is really a flavour?

If we look at the products we buy, among  the ingredients on the label we can notice the word “flavours”, that is the category of substances that give a particularly good taste to the food we are buying

Now I will explain why!

Most people believe that flavours are used to hide an unpleasant taste of the food because of poor quality, but even the best products on the market like Barilla Mulino Bianco or Coca-Cola which we all have, at least once in our life, eaten it contains this “substance” simply because without an extra taste given by the flavor, the product could be unattractive even if the ingredients are of good quality. Also when we leave a natural food to its destiny, the taste changes. In our case, with the right preservatives and flavour, the product remains fresh and palatable. If a product is not of quality, in any case you feel the difference.



The success of Algida products, for example, is not only due to advertising but by the unmistakable flavor of the cream flavour they add. A quality flavour well studied by flavorists.

The flavour is therefore a sensory characteristic initially perceived by the nostrils and subsequently understood only through the mouth. Practical example: let’s imagine eating a strawberry.As soon as we have a strawberry under the nose, we immediately perceive the smell by inhaling with the nose while the taste is perceived in the mouth only after swallowing.

Do you agree?

We are talking about chemistry, chemicals molecules to be precise, naturally present in foods, spices and aromatic plants and herbs.In the chemical industry, these substances are extracted from nature and transformed into molecules, in order to reproduce, maintain and strengthen certain products.