The chocolate …the food of the gods!

Chocolate is obtained from the seeds of Teobroma cacao plant, which can give people food- humor thanks to the release of endorphins.

In the past chocolate could only delight the kings, the nobles and the warriors who enjoyed it with every senses.

Dark chocolate, therefore, is one of the foods with the highest content of flavonoids, (antioxidants) also present in foods of vegetable origin, such as  tea, red wine, citrus fruits and berries.

But be careful! Only dark chocolate! A single drop of milk is enough to vanish this wonderful property .

Not only antioxidants but also iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.


How many varieties of chocolate do exist?

So many … just think how many tastes of chocolate dark, milk, white, almond, pistacho … and the same for Flavourland’s flavours! You can choose the type that best suits for you!

How it is possible to have different types of chocolate: using different of seeds qualities.  The base of each chocolate bars are the beans that pass through grinding conching and molding to give the final shape.

To produce dark chocolate, you must add cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla; for milk chocolate, condensed milk or milk powder and for white chocolate only cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla and milk.

Flavours can be used in the production of chocolate but also in all confectionery industries: from ice creams to biscuits, from cakes to puddings, as well as ice cream preparations, cake preparations and pudding preparations.

The availability is wide and really various: with the flavour you  get the ‘pleasantness of taste’ and the satisfaction of the palate without adding calories: wonderful!

In Flavourland collection chocolate flavours are available both in liquid and powder form: indicative dosage 1g/kg.