Coriander, for whom doesn’ t know, is a plant native of Mediterranean Sea countries, belongs to the family of Ombrellifers. Has a very thin root and alternate leaves from which can sprout white or pink flowers and fruits, with a sweet taste, that can be used in the kitchen.

It is also known as “Chinese parsley” although its original name is “cilantro”.

Its seeds were found in Egyptian tombs and in Roman times were used in medicine and in the kitchen..

Coriander fruits are usually used as spices to give taste to meat or fish dishes and can be mixed with other spices to create new tastes.

The coriander flavour is mainly obtained from the coriander essential oil and its main use is in the ‘sausages’ in general.

For flavourists it brings that ‘quid’ that gives a mouthfeel to many compounds flavours.

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There is a curious fact about this ‘taste’: if alone a different taste can be perceived depending on ethnicity and genetics.

In short, a particular and complicated food that either you love it or you hate it!

Who do not appreciate it defines its taste similar to soap, mould or earth whereas, those who love it, describes it as a fresh and fragrant taste: it is based on this duplicity of perception that we play the ‘tastes’ studying flavours

A worldwide study reported that 17% of Caucasic and Asian population do not tolerate this food whereas for the populations of the Middle East, Hispanic and South Asia this percentage is very low (3-7%) and they use it very much in kitchen.



Coriander, In addition to being used in the kitchen in various dishes, can be considered a natural remedy to remove heavy metals from the stomach, for diarrhea, meteorism, digestive problems, tiredness and irritable colon preparing a simple decoction.

The leaves are well suited to full-bodied dishes of game, vegetables, soups and cheeses while the seeds are better suited to be chopped and blended with other spices being more delicate. Such as the curry variants.

The whole seeds are used to aromatize the liqueurs and to enrich the sauces