“The mind is like a parachute. It only works if it opens”.

(Albert Einstein)

In the food industry there is a growing demand for unique and creative solutions, dictated by globalization and a growing demand for new tastes.
The aroma, also in this perspective, becomes the ingredient that can make the difference and determine the success of a new product.

For these reasons, Flavourland is always up to date to new market trends (including non-European), able to offer ‘SESSION TESTING to its customers who still believe that first of all comes the ‘’flavor, ‘taste’, ‘flavour’M what feeling you have to discover together and transmit to create the aroma, ok! Flavourland with its novelties tries to stimulate the customer in search of a new successful product.

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Our latest news


Cheeseland Veggy

The land of cheese flavours for VEGETARIANS



The land of cheese flavors



The color of wellness



The land of flavored ‘AQUA’



A new Flavourland’s study! The fourth flavouring category that we produce.

We presented them at to TUTTOFOOD 2021: we hope in a great success for our customers during 2022.

These ones are edible balls (microspheres) made with alginate as a ‘carrier’ to bring flavours and other substances including the functional too!
Thanks to their size versatility, colour and texture and also to their ability to resist in an acid habitat, at the heat and at low temperatures, these balls can be used in many types of products as ‘High –Tech Food Inclusions’.

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