Tuna is considered a “blue fish” belonging to “attinotterigi” species of ‘Tunnidae’ family.

Usually they are a group of large fish species, pelagic and warm-blooded, which colonize almost all the seas of the world. They can be up to 5 meters long and we can find them in the Italian coasts of Sicily and Sardinia

Flavourland created a ‘tuna’ flavour to reinforce the taste of some foods and to amaze guests wih wonderful recipes .

The tuna flavour is fundamental for fish flavoured sauces: queen of these is the “tonnata sauce” famous for  veal with tuna sauce, a summer dish.


The flavour is really interesting for every industrie. That prepare sauces for seasoning pasta. Moreover it is very useful to give flavour to tuna/fish in every preparations of ready meals that need  this particular “taste” without increasing the calorie valur of the dish itself!

The taste of tuna meat is not the same: there are several species and the most valuable is the Mediterranean bluefin tuna, while the most  known  ‘yellow fins’ and it is used canned.

Tuna feeds mainly other fishes, so it is rich in essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, useful for eliminating excess cholesterol in the blood, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and retinol.

It also contains some minerals including iron, very important to keep an efficient immune system.

In Flavourland collection there are many tonalities tuna flavour and smoked tuna flavour: all available in both liquid and powder form.

The dosage is indicative depending on the chosen flavour: from 0,1 g/Kg to 1g/Kg ( this indication means that one must use  0,1 g. of flavour in 1Kg of finished product): which means little quantity of flavour to get so much taste!

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