Panettone is a typical Milanese dessert that is mostly eaten under the Christmas holidays, it’s so good that it has been copied and transformed into a similar desserts in other cities like Bologna where it’s called ‘pan speziale’ and  ‘pandose or Christmas bread’ in Genoa.

It’s a dessert that needs many hours to rise, as the bread except that panettone is very tall and has a thin crust with a yellow bread crumb enriched with other ingredients such as raisins, candied fruit or chocolate.

The top can be glazed or filled with dried fruits or chocolate. It has a very sweet taste of eggs, butter and natural yeast.

Panettone is a hypercaloric dish, rich of carbohydrates and fats.

It’s not recommended for those who suffer from high cholesterol. For this reason, the solutions offered by Flavourland, both in powder and liquid form are optimum to reduce the consumption of calories.



Panettone already existed since the 200s as a bread enriched with yeast, honey and raisins and remained unchanged until the 1800s.

The name would have been given to him precisely because of its size.

There are many legends that have arisen about the origin of the Panettone.

We want to recall the one in the court of Duke Sforza where one of the cooks, while preparing a sweet bread with grapes for Christmas, he wrongly left it in the oven too long and a thick crust formed.

That mistake was really appreciated by the court, so that dessert started spreading and it was called “Pan del Toni”. (Toni is the name of the cook inventing it)

Panettone and Pandoro flavour, enhances the natural taste of the dessert, but it can also be used in other applications: with imagination!