“Who says it is impossible, he should not disturb who is doing it”

(Albert Einstein)

Flavourland, founded in 1993 by a team of people with different experiences in the food industry, united by an in-depth knowledge of the market and the desire to create a small “Italian excellence“, has become what today to us, of the team, like to call ‘pocket multinational’!

As for the neologism ’Food’s Technoscience’, Flavourland has joined two words that tell its story and those who have collaborated with you. Be abreast about a norske casinoer.

With the ‘Multinational’, Flavourland has in common professionalism, thanks to the commitment of a few people who believe in what they do, want to upgrade and grow in:

  • study of market trends
  • application of new technologiescontinuous investment in machinery and plants to make production more effective and faster.
multinazionale aromi vendita flavourland


Flavourland starts as a distributor of products from one of the leading multinationals in the industry


Flavourland moves for the second time gathering laboratory, production and warehouse

history flavourland


Flavourland prepares for the future and, with great effort especially for the temple, obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification


Flavourland with a new building, begins to walk alone and begins to become known, no longer for the products distributed but for their ‘skills and their aromas and, above all, with the desire to collaborate and build a partnership with the customer

history FLAVOUR


This year marks another important milestone for Flavourland and its customers: the BRC (British Retail consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) certifications with the highest evaluation.
And look also at foreign markets, participating in some fairs including the Mafex in Morocco


Flavourland participates with great success at tuttofood in Milan just after the success of EXPO

tutto food milano flavourland

Flavourland is present at FIE in Paris


Flavourland still at tuttofood, also at the event (week & food) because he believes in the ‘Made in Italy’
tutto food flavourland


Flavourland again present at the ‘tuttofood’ with its own colorful stand.

tutto food flavourland

So much success and so many people who wanted to know us!


Flavourland aims higher and higher!
  • Order – purchase – installation of a spray dried with all paperworks to do for compliance!
  • Regulation of sanitizing cosmetic products and their promotion.

Flavourland and Covid emergency: April – May 2020 we did it with sanitizing gel and liquids for hands.

PULL MANI were born !

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