Producers of Aromas for Food , Pharmaceutical Industries and Cosmetic Products


We study aromas according to the needs and wishes of the customer

Who We Are

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” (Joshua J.Marine)

Since 1993 Flavourland has been producing aromas for the food and pharmaceutical industry. It develops natural and non natural aromas, “natural aromas of…” (FTNF) flavourings in liquid form, powder, atomized and, last but not least, emulsions.

Flavourland has in collection aromas suitable for kosher, Halal, vegetarian and vegan food. In addition aromas for organic products, Allergen-free, GMO free and possibly without palm oil.

To complete the range, Flavourland supplies semi-finished products, functional mixtures, masking and colouring for confectionery.

The aromas developed by Flavourland R&D, are studied according to the needs and wishes of the customer, even of the most demanding, in close collaboration and offering the possibility to work on their bases/products, so as to ensure the best result.

Since April 2020 Flavourland can even produce, with all authorizations also as a contract manufacturer, cosmetic products i.e sanitizing gel and liquids for hands with unic and plesant flavourings.

Our History

The aroma becomes a tailored dress

  • Passion

  • Creativity

  • Quality

  • Technolegality

  • Innovation

These are the foundations on which Flavourland’s business project was built: the accumulated decades of experience has allowed a continuous improvement and to become an accredited supplier of excellent Italian and pharmaceutical food companies, who appreciate efficiency, professionalism, service and competence.

Why choose Flavourland

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if he has not eaten well”

(Virginia Woolf)

Flavourland offers customers a wide range of natural and non-natural flavors, available in liquid form, powder (atomized/spray dried or supported) and possibly as ‘emulsion’, all GMO free.

To complete the range, Flavourland can provide semi-finished products, functional mixtures, masking flavours and possibly as ‘service’ pastry dyes; finally aromas suitable for kosher, Halal, vegetarian and vegan nutrition.

Flavourland has always maintained high quality standards, thanks to which it has obtained internationally recognized certifications:



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we are always up to date with new market trends



we offer ‘TESTING SESSION’ to our customers



we are accredited suppliers of excellent Italian and pharmaceutical food companies


Here is the heart from where the creation starts, the development of old/ new flavors.

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