One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well

(Virginia Wolf)

In an ever-changing world, increasingly demanding and subjected to changement, Flavourland is behind the times and it is considered a very reliable partner by many demanding companies that wouldn’t give up to intense tastes and flavours of good food and neither to globalization new requests .

Flavourland offers to its customers a wide range of flavours  (natural or not),  liquids , powders (spray dried or plated) and eventually as emulsion, all OGM free. To complete the range, Flavourland can supply powder mixes, functional powder mixes, masking flavours and eventually, as service, colours for confectionery; last, flavours for Kosher, Halal, vegetarians and vegans diet.

Upon customer’ requests, Flavourland can study flavours for organic and allergen free products .

Flavourland Collection consists of flavours for the most various applications in food and pharma industry and  where “taste and smell” blend together to offer a “style“ answer to the request, always using top quality raw materials selected according to European Law standards.

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