Because in the electronic cigarettes there is not the combustion the risk for the health it is really lower, infact the absence of combustion eliminates most of the 83 carcinogenic substances of normal cigarettes.
The invasion of electronic cigarettes has been so rapid that in 2013, about two years after they appeared on the market, Treccani encyclopedia has included “svapare” among the neologisms of the Italian language. “Smoking an electronic cigarette, emitting the characteristic vapor like smoke”, this reads the definition.

A steam that can smell of strawberry, vanilla, cocoa and other various flavours. The electronic cigarette was born precisely as an alternative for those who did not want to quit smoking and were looking for a substitute containing nicotine less harmfull for the health.

What has been stopped?

Certainly in Italy the laws and excise duties on this product have frustrated their diffusion on the market, which now is clearly recovering, given the new regulations on the subject.

The offer of this product is wide and the brands are many, as are the types, the shape and  the potential. Understanding which e-cig is best suited to your smoking needs is difficult.

In the range of options, however, one can trace general lines about the flavour and the intensity of the “svapata” that one wants to have.

Battery that can range from 3 to 400 watts depending on the model: there are smaller ones with an elongated shape similar to traditional cigarettes, or larger ones similar to cans.

The first distinction to make is on the power of dispensing liquids given by the battery, which can be low, medium, high, then it can be distinguished on the basis of the flavours chosen. And this is where Flavourland enters on the market: with a very wide range of liquids for electronic cigarettes we can guarantee our customers the maximum choice and quality, thanks to certified and guaranteed products.