Licorice is a plant native of southern Europe and Asia and it is very special for its therapeutic properties.


It is used both in Eastern and Western phitotherapy but also by ancient Chinese doctors to treat cough.


Also useful to treat sore throat, cervical, phlegm and gastric acidity. But be careful not to overdose it because it has a laxative action and promotes the increase in blood pressure: be careful not to abuse it!


Licorice together with cocoa is useful as ‘flavouring’ in tobacco: in fact, many liquids for electronic cigarettes also use it.

There are two ‘types’ of licorice: the wood licorice (reglisse) and the ‘string’ licorice: the taste is also different in addition to the shape and color!

tiramisu liquirizia


Used more in pastry shops where it is possible to prepare delicious tiramisu or add it to flour in the doughs of daisy cakes to give a more impactinge and original flavour.


A classic use is in  are candies  in different shapes and colours loved by both adults and childrens.

Its sweet and slightly bitter taste also makes it perfect for savory dishes to prepare sauces for meat or fish or for original dishes such as licorice ‘risotto’.


It is also possible to create homemade pasta adding the powder flavour to the dough.


In Flavourland we have many types of licorice flavour. Regarding complete information and facts, observe right british grand prix In our customers’ opinion, both eglisse and ‘string flavour are excellent. Furthermore, in the electronic cigarettes, our flavour ‘Blacky’ is among the most famous and sold!



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