Quality and Certifications

"In a service or in a product Quality is not what you put in but what the customer derives from it" (Peter Drucker)

Flavourland’ flagship is certainly the respect of high quality standards, as demonstrate by the continuous commitment to obtain certifications useful for the customer.

Flavourland make privileged the partnership with the customer, offering: technical advice, market counseling and, above all, legal advice with dedicated staff to carry out these activities.
Flavourland is also member of AISPEC Federchimica that supports to best perform its work.

Flavourland manages an allergen control system during production and into the plant to provide the customer with ‘allergen-free’ products, if required.
Thanks to the relevance Flavourland has given to Quality, it can collaborate with pharmaceutical companies that require high standards (IPEC-PQG GMP) and specific documentation for registering a new drug.

Link to download certifications

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Certificato N. 5694
The ISO 9001 2015 certification aims to ensure that the product supplied by Flavourland is in compliance with the specified requirements and that these are defined by the standard
To download the certification go to Quality and Certifications.

BRC Code 7715377
BRC certification, acronym for Global Standard for Food Safety, guarantee that branded products (in this case) Flavourland are obtained according to well-defined quality standards and with respect to food safety requirements. When referring to BRC, we refer to an international recognized standard and essential, in the distribution chain, for the major European food industries.
To download the certification go to Quality and Certifications

IFS Code 46774
IFS is an acronym for International Food Standard and is intended to promote the efficent selection of food suppliers on the basis of their capability to provide safe products that comply with contractual and legal requirements. As for BRC certification, IFS is an internationally recognized certification.

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